About Me

40-something woman finally finding her purpose.

…..That’s what I want to write.  But I’m so much more than that sentence.  I am a mother, friend, avid reader, lover of goth music, history geek, and passionate about animals…and gardening…and crafting…and crocheting…and jewelry making…and baking…and cooking.

….I think that’s about it.

Wait…I love studying about herbal medicine.  I work in the education field, which I absolutely adore and find fulfillment.

I share my home with my daughter, a German Shepherd (Sally), a Beagle (Shiloh), and 5 cats (Duke, JJ, Lunatic, Ella, & Krista).  And yes,there’s 5 cats on the couch, one is a black cat, which is Duke.

I’m a Florida native, but call Indiana home now.

I’m in the middle of a separation as well.  So, I that will bring more posts related to that topic I am sure.  It’s not fun nor does it bring me joy.  But we are trying to polite, respectful, and still remain friends, especially for our daughter.  We owe her two parents that put aside our issues and love her.

If I think of anything else to add, I will be updating this page.  And trust me, I will be thinking of more to add, because, let’s face it, we are more than a simple paragraph.


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