Curtain Call by Tori Amos

Let me set the scene... I have heard this song numerous times before, but it struck a cord (see what I did there?) while driving from Florida to Indiana in June of 2009 when we were officially moving. 

The Power of Music

I think one of the most powerful forms of memory is music.  Think about it...You're driving along and a certain song comes on, you then are transported back to a particular time in your life or you're flooded with memories about a person.  It's something that everyone can relate to, I feel. Here's a few... Continue Reading →

Weight of Responsibility

Ten years ago my mom passed away and in her infinite wisdom, made me her Estate Representative.  The Estate was closed a few years ago, but I was also devised (a lovely legal term) my parent's home down south.  I'm finally selling the home and with that, removing myself from all the ties I had... Continue Reading →

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