Your shiny Synopsis… Pokémon style.

I think this clears up the stress of the dreaded synopsis in a fun way.

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Ever heard of Pokémon? It’s a Nintendo GameBoy game that’s all-the-rage with the kids these days. In the game, you come across monsters called Pokémon, catch them, and train them. You see thousands of Pokémon, and in this way, you’re kind of like an agent in a sea of synopses: all the Pokémon, all the synopses… well, they all look the same.

But every now and then, you have a 1 in 8,192 chance of coming across a Pokémon that is a different color. These are called “shiny” Pokémon, and they are so rare that any hardcore nerd would freak out when they see one. And THAT is what you want your Synopsis to be: the one shiny Synopsis in all the others that makes an agent freak out.

The synopsis piece of your Query Letter is a description of your book, just like the one…

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Seven MORE ways to make an intern set fire to your first chapter

This contains some of the best tips for writers that I have read in a long time.

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Last week, I started a list of things NOT TO DO in your Writing Sample. Here’s the rest:

1)      Too Much Exposition.

Don’t bog your story down with detail that you can give later. Readers don’t need the complete history of your character—or her situation, or her world—instantly. Release these tidbits over time. This includes…

2)      Relentless Description.

Don’t list the complete physical appearance of every character the moment they appear. How characters look should be given piecemeal, and naturally—not all at once, and falsely. Speaking of….

3)      Self-Descriptive Present Tense.

Present-tense speakers aren’t going to insert their own physical appearance into every available space. (As in, “I tossed my red-gold hair.”) Find an indirect way to describe them.

4)      Dreams.

You can’t give normal dreams real meaning (if you can even write a normal dream to begin with). As for magical dreams, I don’t see why EVERY MAGIC-RELATED…

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I have been writing since I was a child.  My fourth grade teacher had an assignment for us that she gave us titles and we had to write a short story.  Mine was "When Seconds Count".  She told me years later that she kept that story an example for her students. 

Curtain Call by Tori Amos

Let me set the scene... I have heard this song numerous times before, but it struck a cord (see what I did there?) while driving from Florida to Indiana in June of 2009 when we were officially moving.

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