Stranger than Fiction

"Hi.  Is this the line for tickets?" That simple question has changed my life. I would say that I couldn't have written the last five months if I tried...but in some ways, I just about did.  I need to go back November of 2018, so, curl up with your favorite beverage and get comfortable.

Upsetting the Apple Cart

I have started and stopped three different posts since March.  None of them came across the way I wanted them to.  But, after much thought and time, I feel that I'm ready.

Trigger Warning

I’m about to break a rule and kinda-sorta talk politics. But it’s for a good reason. There was a post that came up on a FB Writer’s Group that I belong to that really stirred the pot. But the OP wasn’t doing it on purpose. It was a simple post asking for advice about a... Continue Reading →

My New Best Friend

I have always been a lover of stationary.  Notebooks, pens, folders--those make me swoon.  I do most of my writing though on my laptop, but I can't carry it around very easily. 


It is said that when you hate someone you are giving them space in your head rent free and that hating someone does no good.  

Aesthetic Board

I was scrolling through Twitter and I have seen posts with pictures that writers use to help with their novel.  At first I was like 'why? shouldn't the novel come your imagination?'

The proof is in the proofing

Speilburg Literary Agency

So you’ve huffed and puffed and struggled and slogged, and, finally, you have produced a query (a Query Letter and Writing Sample). The query is akin to a terrible in-law—you had to suffer its presence for far too long, and now you want it gone. You’re more than ready to send it. Now what?

Don’t send.

That’s right. Don’t. Proofread the thing instead. Already proofread? Have someone else take a quick look.

You may think it’s fine, but you would not believe how many queries are riddled with mistakes. Some of them would have otherwise been great queries. Your Query Letter and Sample are reflective of your entire manuscript, and though an agent will often do editorial work for an author she represents, she’d rather not fix your whole book line-by-line. Most importantly, errors can overpower story; if there are too many, an agent will reject your book before they…

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