Aesthetic Board

I was scrolling through Twitter and I have seen posts with pictures that writers use to help with their novel.  At first I was like ‘why? shouldn’t the novel come your imagination?’ And then I looked some up and my mind was blown!  I am already addicted to Pinterest and trust me when I say, I do not any more help in that department.  Ha!  Now I’m like ‘Pin all the novels!’

In all seriousness though, it did help me.  I was able to focus on details that matter to me and can help me describe locations in my novel series.

So, here is my Aesthetic Board for Absolution


It was an enjoyable exercise finding images that fit with the novel.  It also helped me to focus on the important parts–the emotional pull my MC is feeling.

I will more than likely add to the board, but I think this is a good start for me.

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